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As a trainer, speaker, and strategist, Brian specializes in teaching nonprofit leaders the art and science of fundraising, while actively dispelling myths and debunking stereotypes that surround the art of asking. Along the way, Brian shares how he personally has secured hundreds of millions of dollars in funding through face-to-face solicitations.

His expertise is valuable for all nonprofit organizations, both large and small. For large organizations, he trains and coaches lead and fundraising staff, and runs workshops for board members on how to be passionate ambassadors and connectors. For smaller organizations, he helps develop major gift programs for staff and leads trainings for board members on how to be active fundraisers. Having spent most of his career in smaller nonprofits, he deeply understands and addresses the unique challenges smaller nonprofits commonly face.

Talk Topics

Two-Hour to Full-Day Training; In-Person, Virtual, or Serial Sessions; 60-to-90-Minute Live Webinars

Fundraising for Introverts

Perfect for: Executive Directors, Board Presidents, Professional Staff, Volunteers, and both Introverts and Extroverts at-Large

It’s time to help bust the fundraising myths that run rampant in nonprofit communities around the world. Take a closer look at ways you can successfully create an inclusive environment where introverts can thrive and receive the respect and appreciation they deserve. Meet self-proclaimed introvert and highly successful fundraiser Brian Saber as he challenges stereotypes and celebrates the unique qualities introverts bring to the dynamics of fundraising.Whether you seek validation as an introverted fundraiser, aim to harness the strengths of introverts as staff and volunteers, or contemplate following your philanthropic passions as an introvert, you will find clarity and guidance.Based on the book Fundraising for Introverts: Harnessing Our Powers for What Matters by Brian Saber. Note: Group discounts are available for bulk purchases of 10 books or more!

Asking Styles: The Key to Fundraising Success

Perfect for: Development Teams, Campaign Chairs, and Fundraising Volunteers

Understanding the Asking Styles of your development team is a game changer for your nonprofit. Brian Saber will help you unlock your full fundraising potential. Break free from traditional fundraising stereotypes and embrace your unique Asking Style. Discover how to overcome challenges and excel in donor interactions. Choose communication strategies that feel authentic to you, enabling you to engage donors with ease. Learn how to conduct impactful meetings that secure more gifts. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to a more confident and successful fundraising journey

Engaging Your Board to Raise Funds

Executive Directors, Board Presidents, Professional Staff, and Campaign Chairs

Learn how to overcome the common and not-so-common obstacles that prevent board members from becoming effective fundraisers. Brian Saber provides the guidance and motivation your board needs to raise more funds. Learn how to use the introspective tool known as Asking Styles. Unlock the potential of your board by understanding the individual and collective strengths of everyone on the team. Foster collaboration and empower cause leaders with the roadmap they need to drive your nonprofit to meet your future goals.

Need a special focus? Just ask Brian. Other popular topics include:

  • Major Gifts in Two Hours a Week
  • Inspire Your Board to Give Generously
  • Why Asking Matters
  • The Role of the Asker
  • Strategies for Year-Round Cultivation
  • Dangers of Quid-Pro-Quo Board Fundraising

Organizations and clients served

Brian has worked with more than 150 individual organizations over the past 30 years, and has conducted more than 200 training sessions. He has also presented 600+ webinars for broad audiences online. His clients include:

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