Fundraising for Introverts

Harnessing Our Powers for What Matters

By Brian Saber

It’s time to put to rest the stereotype of a fundraiser, and to understand and extol all the incredible qualities introverted fundraisers bring to the table.

Whether you’re an introverted fundraiser wanting validation and understanding, or you’re someone managing introverted fundraisers who wants to harness all their great qualities, or you’ve considered fundraising but wondered if it was for you given your introversion, Fundraising for Introverts provides an inspiring guide to you.

In this groundbreaking book, self-professed introvert Brian Saber makes the case for his fellow introverts. Through research and his 38 years of fundraising, Brian dispels misunderstandings and brings great clarity to the subject.

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Introverts Are Great Fundraisers

In “Fundraising for Introverts,” author Brian Saber challenges the stereotype that fundraisers must be extroverted by highlighting the unique qualities and strengths that introverted fundraisers bring to the table. Drawing on his extensive experience in fundraising and research on the topic, Saber aims to dispel misunderstandings and provide clarity on a topic that is close to his heart.

A self-proclaimed introvert, Brian has written a business book that acknowledges the need to leverage the skills of introverted fundraisers who may feel their natural tendencies conflict with the perceived requirements of the profession. His book also caters to managers and leaders who oversee introverted fundraisers, offering insights on how to harness and leverage their exceptional qualities.

Fundraising for Introverts' is a game-changer for introverts looking to make a difference in the world of fundraising. This empowering book recognizes introversion as a superpower, showcasing how introverts can excel at raising money for nonprofit organizations. Brian Saber expertly emphasizes the fact that introverts are natural listeners and thoughtful communicators, traits that prove invaluable in the realm of individual fundraising. By guiding introverted fundraisers to embrace their unique skill set, this book instills confidence and inspires them to never apologize for who they are. With its practical advice and uplifting message, 'Fundraising for Introverts' is a must-read for anyone seeking to help extraordinary people make transformational gifts for amazing causes.

- Greg Warner, CEO and Founder, MarketSmart

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