Fundraising for Introverts

Harnessing Our Powers for What Matters

By Brian Saber

We finally have a book that articulates the nuanced concepts and strategies an introvert can use to maximize their personality in the pursuit of fundraising for any important cause. Beginning with the great picture on the front cover to the insightful final chapter, Brian Saber’s Fundraising for Introverts helps introverts – and even extroverts – better understand themselves and then take action.

– Peter Heller, Heller Fundraising Group

It’s time to put to rest the stereotype of a fundraiser, and to understand and extol all the incredible qualities introverted fundraisers bring to the table.

Whether you’re an introverted fundraiser wanting validation and understanding, or you’re someone managing introverted fundraisers who wants to harness all their great qualities, or you’ve considered fundraising but wondered if it was for you given your introversion, Fundraising for Introverts provides an inspiring guide to you.

In this groundbreaking book, self-professed introvert Brian Saber makes the case for his fellow introverts. Through research and his 38 years of fundraising, Brian dispels misunderstandings and brings great clarity to the subject.

The story of

Author / Speaker Brian Saber is a renowned fundraising expert, President of Asking Matters, and a passionate advocate for charitable causes. Brian has made significant contributions to the nonprofit world by introducing the introspective tool known as Asking Styles. Through this quick-to-use and easy-to-understand self-discovery quiz, over 100,000 nonprofit professionals around the globe have learned how to successfully leverage the strengths of their own personalities when cultivating and soliciting donations—and how to create an inclusive environment for everyone who self-identifies as an introvert.

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In-person and virtual training

Brian is here to help.

As a trainer, speaker, and strategist, Brian specializes in teaching cause leaders about fundraising techniques, while actively dispelling myths and debunking stereotypes that surround the art of asking. Brian shares how he personally has secured hundreds of millions of dollars in funding through face-to-face solicitations.

His expertise is particularly valuable for nonprofit organizations with budgets under $10 million, where board members play a critical fundraising role. He deeply understands and addresses the unique challenges smaller nonprofits commonly face.

“…Brian is an excellent presenter! He understands the unique styles of individuals and their ability to approach donors. He clearly presents helpful methods for differing personalities in 'making the ask.' His methods and strategies give people confidence that they can do a major ASK…”


Author Brian Saber quietly redefines the narrative surrounding fundraising by highlighting the tremendous contributions that introverts make in the nonprofit field.

Busting the Gift Myth

In “Fundraising for Introverts,” author Brian Saber challenges the stereotype that fundraisers must be extroverted by highlighting the unique qualities and strengths that introverted fundraisers bring to the table. Drawing on his extensive experience in fundraising and research on the topic, Saber aims to dispel misunderstandings and provide clarity on a topic that is close to his heart.

A self-proclaimed introvert, Brian has written a business book that acknowledges the need to leverage the skills of introverted fundraisers who may feel their natural tendencies conflict with the perceived requirements of the profession. His book also caters to managers and leaders who oversee introverted fundraisers, offering insights on how to harness and leverage their exceptional qualities.

Brian's best selling books

Brian is the author of “Fundraising for Introverts: Harnessing Our Powers for What Matters.” His other business books are “Asking Styles: Revolutionize Your Fundraising,” “Boards & Asking Styles: A Roadmap to Success,” and “Engaged Boards WILL Fundraise.” Through his books, webinars, trainings, and consulting, Brian offers invaluable guidance on increasing board involvement in fundraising, growing major gift programs, developing and executing capital campaigns, and more.

Asking Styles

Boards and Asking Styles

Engaged Boards Will Fundraise

Fundraising for Introverts takes a very complicated subject and makes it seem completely understandable. Fundraising for Introverts will instantly help you understand that introverts can achieve great success just by being themselves!

- Andy Hamingson, Founder, Principal AD Hamingson & Associates

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