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Brian Saber is the author of “Fundraising for Introverts: Harnessing Our Powers for What Matters.” His other business books are “Asking Styles: Revolutionize Your Fundraising,” “Boards & Asking Styles: A Roadmap to Success,” and “Engaged Boards WILL Fundraise.” Through his books, webinars, trainings, and consulting, Brian offers invaluable guidance on increasing board involvement in fundraising, growing major gift programs, developing and executing capital campaigns, and more.

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Fundraising for Introverts

Harnessing Our Powers for What Matters

Whether you’re an introverted fundraiser wanting validation and understanding, or you’re someone managing introverted fundraisers who wants to harness all their great qualities, or you’ve considered fundraising but wondered if it was for you given your introversion, Fundraising for Introverts provides an inspiring guide to you.

In this groundbreaking book, self-professed introvert Brian Saber makes the case for his fellow introverts. Through research and his 38 years of fundraising, Brian dispels misunderstandings and brings great clarity to the subject.

Asking Styles

Revolutionize Your Fundraising

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’m not a fundraiser” or “I don’t fit the stereotype,” embracing your Asking Style will change your entire mindset.

Once you understand your strengths — and challenges — you’ll be comfortable, confident, and effective. You’ll have a roadmap for dealing with donors. You’ll know what to say, how to conduct meetings, and how to close gifts.

Boards and Asking Styles

A Roadmap to Success

A STRONGER BOARD LEADS TO GREATER IMPACT! Your organization cannot achieve its vision without a strong board. A strong board starts with bringing on the right people, but then it’s about working together effectively, understanding leadership and board dynamics, supporting board members appropriately so you can do your best work, having you fundraise in a way that suits who you are, and more.

In his second book, Brian Saber uses the Asking Styles lens to help you build your board’s strength. He’ll help you understand how you and your fellow board members operate individually and collectively, what strengths you bring to the table, and how to employ those to best advantage.

Engaged Boards Will Fundraise!

How Good Governance Inspires Them

Fundraising is the hardest work you ask your board members to do. If they’re not fully committed and engaged and they don’t feel they have a strong stake in your organization, they aren’t going to fundraise for it.

In this groundbreaking book, Michael Davidson and Brian Saber bring their collective expertise and their 20 years of working together on governance and fundraising issues to help you understand how good governance is a means to inspire your board to fundraise.

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